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Limited Edition Coronavirus Pendant, Sculpture, or Ornament


Product Description

These sold out at $85, but they are $50 for you. Must be an active MAKUrakuBOX subscriber. My art is my passion. If I didn't have my art, who knows where I would be. I create through many emotions as art is my therapy too. And, during these crazy, uncertain times I created a COVID19 piece. I posted a photo of my raku coronavirus pieces on social media and was overwhelmed at the response...the list got too long. Some of the spikes broke off in the raku firing of over 1800 degrees, and so I struggled with selling them at all. But then several people reached out to tell me that the virus actually creates scissors and cuts part of itself off...very interesting...maybe an accurate depiction after all. But, alas, art is subjective. I was able to find more stable spikes thank goodness, so these spikes won't fall off! This is the last batch! I will choose one piece for you. The photo is an example of the piece you will get. I'm not sure about anything these days, but I'll keep creating as much as I can. This is a limited edition commemorative piece to remind us of this time...the craziness, the kindness, the inward reflection and solitude...whatever this time means to you. Use it as a pendant, a sculpture, or even a tree ornament. They are fragile, so do be mindful of that. I've made each one with love. Stay healthy and be present my friends. Thank you for your continued support, it means the world to me. *Listing is for 1 coronavirus pendant at a special subscriber price! *I handmade, hand sculpted this COVID19 coronavirus raku pendant out of clay *Bisque fired, glazed, and raku fired in my studio *Glossy; white, and red raku glaze colors *Coronavirus measures about 35-40 mm in diameter including the spikes *Wire loop at the top What is raku?: Raku pottery was made long ago for Japanese tea ceremonies. It was modernized later into the process you see today. This involves taking a piece of pottery that has been bisque fired and glazed then firing it in a raku kiln . The piece is then fired to about 1800 degrees F and pulled out of the kiln while still red hot then placed in a reduction chamber containing organic materials such as newspaper, sawdust, leaves, etc. The materials catch on fire, the lid is put on. The fire wants oxygen to keep going and flames often shoot across a piece, pulling oxygen from the glaze. The matte black color (a very unique characteristic of raku) is created. It's so exciting and creates one of kind colors which are very hard to duplicate. Please note that raku is not food safe nor is it intended to hold liquid. Caring for your raku piece: Raku is fragile, please handle with care. Keep your raku in an air tight container or zippered bag when storing. Do not swim or leave your piece in water. Keep your piece out of direct sunlight, as it will affect the glaze.

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