Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MAKU raku BOX?

It's a surprise quarterly subscription to a funky, eclectic, artisan raku piece, handmade by MAKUstudio! You can choose from a finished piece of jewelry (ex. a pendant, earrings, or ring) or a cabochon (for using in bead embroidery or other multi media creative project)....or both! 

How does it work?

I currently ship quarterly in January, April, July, and October. Sign ups are closed until I open them up for each quarter. I make announcements via email, Facebook, and/or instagram. Make sure to follow MAKUstudio on social media! 

How are the boxes priced?

Each 1 item box is $35 and 2 item box is $63.  This includes domestic US shipping via USPS First Class Service. International shipping is an additional $15. 

Are you ready to subscribe to MAKU raku BOX?

Let's do this! You're going to love it!